Baptism and the  bell tower

The forgotten power of Catholicism

         The method is as simple as it is old:   

Baptism   :   
Water is poured over an infant's head. The shock-like discomfort caused by the cold water, the separation from the mother as the baby is handed to the godfather, and the unfamiliar surroundings give the infant with a feeling of helplessness. This feeling associates inseparably with the sound of the bell ringing during this ceremony to form a psychological impression which becomes ingrained in the subconscious.       

   The bell tower:   
Later in life: Depending on how sensitive you are every sound of the bell activates in the subconscious the discomfort, this feeling of exposure, the helplessness that you unconsciously sensed at baptism. For many centuries, the chiming of church bells around the clock guaranteed a lifelong, unconscious helplessness of the baptized in the face of the machinations of Catholicism. A primitive version of this method is used on pastures with cowbells and cows! Catholicism can be compared to a cow that has forgotten that it is chasing its own bell!

We all suffer plenty of traumatic childhood experiences, but none keeps being repeated time
and again through systematic manipulation to be constantly renewed as follows

Pawlow‘s cowsweihrauch

   The ritual:
The first ritual is baptism accompanied by the bells;
about 7 years later, first communion accompanied by the bells;
about 7 years later the confirmation accompanied by the bells;
About 7 years later the chime of the wedding bells;
and all of this veiled by the impact of incense.
And around the clock, every quarter of an hour, the loud chimes of the bell towers.

Other religions are not different except for that the psychological impact
comes from a different method shaped by the respective culture.

Religious ceremonies and rituals as shadows of times forgotten!

   The loss of power: ( capitalocene.com
Following the Second Vatican Council the ringing of bells at ceremonies was increasingly neglected as people started to forget about its powers and by doing paved the way for a gradual loss of relevance for Catholicism.

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The most efficient secret service of all times


    The confessional

While today's secret services have to go to great lengths to tediously filter out what they want to know from billions of information bits and pieces, the confessional gets you exactly the right information from the right sinners without any ado.


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     Slot machine                              Offertory box


   The highscore of the offerty box bandit has never been paid out, even though from the beginning it has always flashed „Eternal life“. -  Neither value added tax nor sales tax, no entertainment tax, no income tax, no costs for bookkeeping and accounting, no costs for service and repairs. No merchandise costs and therefore no transport costs. No guarantee obligations. No operating licence.   

   No restrictions under the Youth Protection Act. Even schoolchildren can gamble away their pocket money. Pensioners minimise their offspring’s inheritance by regularly gambling away their savings while still alive without getting any receipts at all at the offerty box.

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The war of cultures

 The major world religions,
are a bit like a brother sent out to bring milk for his siblings.

    Once upon a time, a mother said to her son: "Go into town and bring milk for your brothers and sisters, they are hungry. And the son went into the town and put up a sign reading: "I bring milk." He heard his mother calling from afar, asking where the milk was, because his brothers and sisters were very hungry. He then proselytised many people to make and put up signs saying: "We are the milk bringers." And he built milk bringer churches, cathedrals and cathedrals and founded milk bringer universities and covered the whole world with his milk bringer rituals. And he adorned himself with the feathers of those who had allowed themselves to be proselytised and still brought milk to their brothers and sisters.
   And it so happened that the son, who in the meantime had allowed himself to be celebrated as the "most honourable and holiest of all milkmen", met several brothers from other religions and ideological groups who were also supposed to bring milk for their siblings. Disagreeing about which of them was the most honourable and holiest of all milkmen, they began to wage war against each other.

And evening had fallen and war was raging.

   The father came home and asked the mother where the children were. The mother said that she had sent the eldest son for milk for his brothers and sisters. He still hasn't come back and so, dear man, your children have starved.

The God of Imperialism

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